20HZ: MusIc In context and the non-sectarIan clImate of rave In Northern Ireland - Kate Butler 


As a writer and DJ, the aesthetic and buzz of community clubbing is Kate’s main source of inspiration. In the late 1990s and early noughties in Dublin, she was playing records, broadcasting on Power FM and writing about the local electronic music scene for national newspapers. In 2017, she started a monthly show on Dublin Digital Radio (ddr.) and also produces Atomic, where young people get an opportunity to present their own radio show on ddr. Recently, she has played at Rabble, Open Ear and Back Story, while her writing this year includes a history essay on D1 Recordings (1994- ) and an article/mix about Dublin nightclub, the Funnel (1997-99). Her collaboration with author/architect Owen O'Doherty (Bright Sparks, O'Brien Press) and the Irish Architecture Foundation, to highlight inventions and pioneering electronic music by womxn, was at the International Literary Festival Dublin and Body & Soul Festival this year. As well as acting as MC for Another Green World at Comfort Carnival, she will give a presentation on the profound unifying power of rave in the context of Northern Ireland.


MemorIes of the Future: The relatIonshIp between tIme, technology and communIty buIldIng - LaetItIa DeerIng

Originally from Dublin, Laetitia has been at the centre of the international electronic music world for the past ten years. Working at Phonica Records in London between 2010 and 2016 – a vinyl dance music shop renowned for its friendly, expert staff – Laetitia was also DJing and promoting. In 2013, she set up Annex with two partners, a booking agency for DJs and musicians, which she now runs from Dublin. Joining the Dublin Digital Radio roster in early 2018 with her WWW show, she is contributing heavily to the local scene: WWW provides support to womxn interested in electronic music, giving them opportunities to play on ddr and also providing IRL forums for them to meet and share experiences, information and supports. In March this year, WWW collaborated with the Gash Collective, which also promotes diversity in the electronic music scene, with workshops, discussions and a gig at the Electric nightclub in Galway. For Comfort Carnival, Laetitia will ponder ideas of futurism, hauntology and scenius in a conversation with Kate Butler.


Notes on rave In LImerIck - Roo HoneychIld


Roo Honeychild is a DJ and promoter native to Dublin. She is best known for her founding role in Club Comfort as well as solo appearances at prominent clubs and festivals across Ireland as well as on radio (Rinse FM, Red Light Radio, Dublin Digital Radio). For Roo, music finds much of its meaning from the historical and material contexts from which it emerges. She approaches music and issues of community and culture from a perspective heavily influenced by her academic background in archaeology. Since 2017, she has been a key figure in the contemporary explosion of radical and queer centred spaces in Dublin’s nightlife landscape. At Comfort Carnival she will be playing a role as both a speaker and a DJ with her talk consisting of a theory informed look at what Limerick's DIY music scene gets right, focusing on the case study of Féile Na Gréine.


We dream In actIons - DennIs McNulty


In 1994, as Decal, Dennis McNulty and Alan O’Boyle released Ireland’s first electronic album of the rave era: Ultramack 004. Decal became key to the DIY electronic music scene in Dublin, producing an extensive catalogue of albums and 12” records, as well as fostering and promoting other local producers, particularly through their Phunk City night at the Funnel (1997-99). Dennis went on to work as an artist, with recent projects including TTOPOLOGY at Visual (Carlow) and Grazer Kunstverein (Graz, Austria) and anginging at Assembly Point (London). He has scored a number of feature-length documentaries, including Seaview (2007), Pyjama Girls (2010) and Build Something Modern (2011). He is artist in residence at CONNECT, Ireland's research centre for future networks and communications, and is currently developing a Eurorack-format sequencer which he will be demoing as part of his talk at Comfort Carnival.