Gemma Dunleavy is a producer, singer, artist and choreographer, born and raised in Dublin. Known for her steady record of high calibre collaborations with underground producers such as Murlo, Orlando & Swing Ting as well and a generally pristine quality of output, Gemma is indeed among the best that Irish music has to offer in 2019. Recent release ‘Better 4 U’ is a silky, dreamed up RnB jam accompanied by a stunning music video she directed and produced herself. Nor can we forget her spoken word and dance video ‘I Was Never Young But I’m Not Yet Old’ which deals in haunting, atmospheric tones with her youth and working class community in north inner city Dublin. For Carnival, Gemma will be joining Club Comfort co-founder & resident Baliboc for a one off, improvised set, drawing on sounds of the hardcore continuum and pirate radio traditions of DJ-MC interaction.