Carnival is a time we set aside. A time when a community gathers to celebrate and indulge. A time when we shirk our daily patterns and rest our normal rules. For centuries, traditions of Carnival have lay at the heart of popular cultures from Rio De Janeiro to Notting Hill to Venice. Ireland is no stranger to this concept. The carnivalesque has a long tradition on our island, often overlooked, seen in the rowdy fairs such as Donnybrook, and marquee dances of the rural countryside.

Comfort Carnival is Club Comfort’s largest event to date. Drawing on the traditions of the carnivalesque, both indigenous and foreign, we’re setting aside some time to celebrate the island wide community centred on DIY art and dance. We’ve teamed up with Dublin Fringe Festival to throw an all-day festivity in The National Stadium on Saturday September 7th 2019. Running from the afternoon till late in the night, it’s programme will include a range of musical performances and panel discussions as well as a market for art and merchandise. We have caringly curated a line-up of performers to reflect a variety of musical genres and artistic experiences. We will be joined by the likes of Sim Simma Soundsystem, Ushmush, Dream Cycles, Flood Trax and many more. Each has been selected for their independent creative spirit and self-directed achievements. A series of presentations and conversations will address themes surrounding the cultural importance of Ireland’s DIY art and dance world with eyes towards its past, present and future.

Community has been a very important ideal for us at Club Comfort. Time and time again we’ve used the word and strived to give it some material reality. What has been, for some, a club night has been, for us, the birth of a new identity. Living this ideal becomes increasingly challenged in a city with a chronic lack of venues and compromised night-time economy. We’re extremely grateful for this opportunity, with the help of Dublin Fringe Festival, to bring our community into the daylight and make a statement about the importance of our culture to the landscape of Dublin city, and beyond.